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The federal government strictly controls the production, marketing, import, and sale of sugar in the US. This guarantees the Big Sugar industry makes a huge profit, and drives up the price of food.

This program is outdated, unfair, and costs YOU money – and it’s time to fight back. Below are a few ways to join the fight against high sugar prices:


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Big Sugar gets a “sweet deal” from lawmakers while Americans are left with the bill.

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  • The federal sugar program costs my family money every single time we head to the grocery store.  Why is the Big Sugar industry lining their pockets with MY money? #sugarrefundnow #sugarrefund 
  • Congress has had plenty of opportunity to reform the outdated #sugarprogram, but they refuse to even address it.  American taxpayers and consumers foot the bill and we are tired of it.  #sugarreformnow #farmbill
  • #whyreformmatters The Big Sugar industry has destroyed vital ecosystems and harmed small businesses across the country.  Why won’t Congress do anything to stop them? #sugarreform #farmbill

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These groups are leading the fight for sugar reform: